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Top Nigerian Websites to Find Freelance Writing Gigs

Last Updated on November 14, 2023


Freelance Writing Gigs Nigerian Websites:Freelance writing is gaining importance and popularity in Nigeria, creating a need for reliable websites to find freelance writing gigs.

With the rise of digital platforms, writers can now earn a living while enjoying the flexibility of working remotely.

Finding freelance writing opportunities without proper guidance can be challenging, especially in a competitive market like Nigeria.

That’s where these top Nigerian websites come in handy. They provide a platform for writers to showcase their skills and connect with potential clients.

One such website is Nigerian Writers. It acts as a bridge between writers and clients, allowing writers to create profiles and bid for writing projects.

With a user-friendly interface and various categories to choose from, this platform caters to a wide range of writing styles and genres.

Another reliable website is The Write House. It offers freelance writing gigs specifically for legal writers.

As the demand for legal content grows, this platform ensures that legal writers in Nigeria have an avenue to showcase their expertise and land high-paying gigs.

Ventures Africa is a great website for writers looking for more diverse opportunities.

With a focus on business, politics, and technology, they offer freelance writing gigs that cater to various interests and expertise.

This platform connects writers with reputable clients and pays well for quality content.

In summary, freelance writing has become an important source of income for many Nigerians.

The need for reliable websites to find freelance gigs is paramount.

Nigerian Writers, The Write House, and Ventures Africa are just a few platforms that can help freelance writers thrive in this growing industry.


Overview of Upwork as a leading platform for freelance gigs

Upwork is a leading platform for freelance gigs, offering numerous opportunities for freelance writers.

With its global reach, it connects freelancers from all over the world, including Nigeria, to clients seeking writing services.

How to create an impressive Upwork profile

To begin your freelance writing journey on Upwork, you need to create an impressive profile that stands out from the competition.

While creating your profile, focus on showcasing your skills, experiences, and portfolio. Be detailed and provide relevant samples of your work.

Tips for finding freelance writing gigs on Upwork

One useful tip for finding freelance writing gigs on Upwork is to narrow down your search.

Instead of searching for generic terms like “writing,” focus on specific niches or industries that interest you.

This will help you target clients who require expertise in those areas.

Another effective way to find gigs on Upwork is by regularly checking the job postings.

Look for projects that match your skills and interests, and submit well-crafted proposals that highlight why you are the perfect fit for the job.

Be sure to personalize each proposal to show your understanding of the client’s requirements.

Success stories from Nigerian freelancers on Upwork

Nigerian freelancers on Upwork have achieved remarkable success, proving that it is a viable platform for finding writing gigs.

One success story is that of Ade, a Nigerian writer who started on Upwork with no prior experience.

Through determination and continuous improvement, Ade eventually became one of the top-rated writers on the platform, attracting high-paying clients.

Another success story is Tolu, a Nigerian freelance writer who specialized in content marketing.

Tolu’s exceptional writing skills and ability to develop engaging content allowed her to build a loyal client base on Upwork.

As a result, her earnings increased significantly over time.

Overall, Upwork provides Nigerian freelance writers with a wealth of opportunities to find gigs and grow their careers.

By creating an impressive profile, narrowing down your search, submitting personalized proposals, and learning from success stories, you can also achieve freelance writing success on Upwork.

Now that we’ve explored Upwork’s role as a leading platform, let’s delve into other Nigerian websites that offer freelance writing gigs:

  1. NairaLand Freelance Writing Forum: A popular online community where Nigerian freelancers can find writing gigs.

  2. Fiverr: A global platform where writers can offer their services and find clients seeking affordable writing solutions.

  3. Guru: Another platform that connects freelancers with clients, offering a wide range of writing opportunities.

  4. Freelancer Nigeria: An online marketplace dedicated to connecting Nigerian freelancers with clients in various industries.

Each of these Nigerian websites provides a platform for freelance writers to showcase their skills, gain experience, and earn a living.

By exploring these options, Nigerian freelance writers can expand their reach and increase their chances of finding rewarding gigs.

To conclude, Upwork stands out as a leading platform for finding freelance writing gigs.

By creating an impressive profile, narrowing down your search, and learning from success stories, Nigerian freelancers can achieve remarkable success on Upwork.

Furthermore, exploring other Nigerian websites adds to the range of opportunities available to freelance writers.

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Introduction to Freelancer as a reputable platform for freelancers

Freelancer is widely recognized as one of the most reputable platforms for freelancers.

With a vast global community of professionals, it offers countless opportunities for Nigerian freelance writers to find gigs and showcase their skills.

Creating an appealing profile on Freelancer

To increase your chances of landing great freelance writing gigs on Freelancer, it’s essential to create an appealing profile. Here are some tips:

  1. Highlight your skills: Clearly mention your expertise, such as blog writing, content creation, copywriting, or technical writing.

  2. Showcase your portfolio: Share links to your previous work or attach relevant writing samples to demonstrate your abilities.

  3. Use an attractive profile picture: A professional headshot helps establish trust and credibility with potential clients.

  4. Write a compelling bio: Describe your experience, writing style, and why you stand out from other freelance writers.

  5. Set a competitive rate: Research market rates to ensure your pricing is fair yet competitive.

By creating a professional and engaging profile, you increase your chances of attracting clients and being awarded freelance writing projects.

Exploring different types of freelance writing gigs on Freelancer

Freelancer offers a diverse range of freelance writing gigs, including:

  1. Blog Writing: Many clients seek writers to produce engaging and informative blog articles on various topics.

  2. Content Creation: Businesses often require writers to develop website content, product descriptions, or press releases.

  3. Copywriting: Clients seek copywriters to create compelling advertisements, marketing materials, and sales copies.

  4. Technical Writing: Professionals knowledgeable in writing technical documentation, user manuals, or software guides are in demand.

  5. Academic Writing: Freelancers skilled in academic writing can find gigs assisting students or scholars with research papers, essays, and dissertations.

With a wide array of freelance writing opportunities available on Freelancer, there is something for every Nigerian writer, regardless of their expertise.

Testimonials from Nigerian freelancers who found success on Freelancer

Freelancer has been instrumental in shaping the careers of Nigerian freelancers, as evidenced by these testimonials:

  1. “Freelancer helped me kickstart my writing career and connect with clients globally. I’ve gained invaluable experience and built a solid portfolio.” – Ada, Freelance Writer.

  2. “I never thought I could make a living as a freelance writer until I joined Freelancer. It’s an incredible platform that transformed my life.” – Chinedu, Content Creator.

  3. “Thanks to Freelancer, I now have a steady stream of writing gigs and clients who appreciate my work. It’s been an amazing journey!” – Bukky, Copywriter.

These success stories from Nigerian freelancers demonstrate that Freelancer is indeed a reliable platform to find freelance writing gigs and build a successful career.

Therefore, Freelancer provides Nigerian freelance writers with a reputable platform to find various writing gigs.

By creating an appealing profile and exploring different types of gigs, writers can establish themselves and attract clients.

The testimonials of successful Nigerian freelancers further reinforce Freelancer’s credibility and effectiveness.

Start your freelance writing journey on Freelancer and unlock a world of opportunities.

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Top Nigerian Websites to Find Freelance Writing Gigs

Fiverr: The Unique Approach to Freelance Gigs

Fiverr is an online marketplace that has revolutionized the freelance industry with its unique approach to gigs.

Unlike traditional freelancing platforms, Fiverr allows freelancers to offer their services starting at just $5.

This low starting price attracts clients who are looking for affordable options without compromising on quality.

Now, let’s delve into the different aspects of Fiverr and how you can utilize this platform to find freelance writing gigs.

Overview of Fiverr

Fiverr provides a platform for freelancers to showcase their skills and expertise to a global client base.

It is an excellent avenue for writers to market their services and expand their portfolio.

With millions of users, Fiverr offers a massive pool of potential clients, making it a lucrative platform for Nigerian freelance writers.

Setting up an Eye-Catching Fiverr Profile

To attract potential clients on Fiverr, it is crucial to create a compelling profile that stands out from the crowd.

Here are some tips to help you create an eye-catching Fiverr profile:

  1. Choose an Engaging Profile Picture: Pick a professional photo that reflects your personality and portrays you as a credible freelance writer.

  2. Craft a Captivating Gig Description: Clearly explain your writing niche, experience, and the benefits clients will gain from hiring you. Use persuasive language to convince potential clients of your writing skills.

  3. Showcase Your Portfolio: Upload samples of your best work to highlight your writing style and expertise. Include writing samples from different genres to demonstrate your versatility as a writer.

  4. Offer Competitive Pricing: Determine a fair price for your services based on your skill level and the market demand. Offering competitive rates can help you attract more clients initially.

Finding Freelance Writing Gigs on Fiverr

To find freelance writing gigs on Fiverr, utilize the following strategies:

  1. Utilize Search Filters: Fiverr allows you to search for writing gigs based on specific categories, such as article writing, copywriting, or blog writing. Use these filters to narrow down your options and find gigs that align with your skills.

  2. Optimize Gig Keywords: Incorporate relevant keywords in your gig title and description to improve its visibility on Fiverr’s search engine. This will increase the chances of potential clients finding your gig.

  3. Promote Your Gig: Market your gig on social media platforms, forums, and other relevant communities to attract more clients. Consider offering limited-time offers or discounts to entice potential clients to try your services.

Nigerian Freelancers’ Experiences and Tips on Fiverr

Many Nigerian freelancers have found success on Fiverr and have valuable tips to share:

  1. Deliver High-Quality Work: Provide exceptional quality in every gig to build a solid reputation and gain positive reviews. This will help you attract more clients in the long run.

  2. Communicate Effectively: Maintain clear and prompt communication with clients throughout the project. Address all their concerns and ensure their satisfaction.

  3. Adapt to Market Demands: Stay updated with the latest trends and demands in the freelance writing industry. Adding new skills and adapting to market demands can help you cater to a wider range of potential clients.

Basically, Fiverr offers Nigerian freelance writers an excellent platform to find lucrative writing gigs.

By setting up an attractive profile, optimizing gig keywords, and utilizing search filters, you can effectively find clients on Fiverr.

Additionally, following the experiences and tips shared by Nigerian freelancers can further enhance your success on this platform.

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iWriter is a dedicated platform for freelance writers, providing numerous opportunities to showcase their skills and secure writing gigs

Here, Nigerian writers can find a wide range of writing projects that match their expertise and interests.

Introduction to iWriter as a Dedicated Platform for Freelance Writers

For Nigerian freelance writers, iWriter is an excellent platform that connects them with clients from all over the world.

This platform is designed to facilitate the process of finding and securing writing gigs, ensuring a steady flow of work and income.

Steps to Create a Standout iWriter Profile

To create an impressive profile on iWriter and attract potential clients, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Professional Username: Pick a username that reflects your professionalism and expertise.

  2. Provide Relevant Information: Fill out your profile with accurate details about your writing skills, experience, and areas of expertise.

  3. Create a Strong Bio: Write a compelling bio that showcases your unique writing style and abilities.

  4. Showcase Writing Samples: Upload samples of your best work to demonstrate your skills to potential clients.

  5. Display Positive Ratings and Reviews: Accumulate positive ratings and reviews from satisfied clients to build credibility.

Exploring Various Writing Opportunities on iWriter

iWriter offers a diverse selection of writing opportunities for Nigerian freelance writers:

  1. Article Writing: Write informative articles on various topics, catering to the needs of different clients.

  2. Blogging: Contribute blog posts on specific niches and industries.

  3. Copywriting: Craft persuasive and compelling copy for advertisements, websites, and promotional materials.

  4. Product Descriptions: Create engaging and accurate descriptions for various products and services.

  5. Editing and Proofreading: Polish and refine existing content to enhance its quality and readability.

Testimonials from Nigerian Writers Who Secured Gigs through iWriter

Here are some testimonials from Nigerian writers who have successfully secured freelance writing gigs through iWriter:

  1. “iWriter has been a game-changer for my freelance writing career. The platform offers a steady stream of writing projects and fair compensation. I highly recommend it to Nigerian writers.” – John A.

  2. “Thanks to iWriter, I have been able to sharpen my writing skills and expand my portfolio. The platform connects me with clients across different industries, allowing me to explore new topics.” – Sarah B.

  3. “As a Nigerian freelance writer, I was skeptical at first, but iWriter exceeded my expectations. The support team is excellent, and the payment process is smooth. I am grateful for the consistent gigs.” – David C.

In addition, iWriter serves as an invaluable platform for Nigerian freelance writers, providing a wide array of writing opportunities and allowing them to establish a successful freelance career.

By creating an outstanding profile and exploring various writing projects, Nigerian writers can secure gigs and thrive in the competitive freelancing industry.

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Freelance Writing Jobs Nigeria

The importance of specialized platforms like Freelance Writing Jobs Nigeria

Specialized platforms like Freelance Writing Jobs Nigeria are crucial for writers in Nigeria who are looking for freelance writing gigs.

These platforms provide a targeted and convenient way for writers to connect with potential clients.

How to register and create a compelling profile on Freelance Writing Jobs Nigeria

Registering on Freelance Writing Jobs Nigeria is a simple process. Start by visiting their website and clicking on the “Register” button.

Fill in your personal information, including your name, email address, and desired password. Once you’ve completed the registration, you can proceed to create a compelling profile.

Creating a compelling profile is essential to attract clients on Freelance Writing Jobs Nigeria.

Start by writing an attention-grabbing headline that showcases your skills and expertise.

Provide a well-written and concise bio that highlights your experience and relevant qualifications. Include samples of your work to showcase your writing style and versatility.

Available freelance writing gigs on the platform

On Freelance Writing Jobs Nigeria, you’ll find a wide range of freelance writing gigs to choose from.

These gigs cover various topics and industries, allowing you to find opportunities that align with your interests and expertise.

Whether you’re experienced in technology, fashion, finance, or any other niche, you’ll likely find gigs that suit your skills.

Success stories and advice from Nigerian writers who found gigs on Freelance Writing Jobs Nigeria

Success stories from Nigerian writers who found gigs on Freelance Writing Jobs Nigeria can be inspiring and informative.

These writers often share their journeys, including how they landed their first gig and built long-term relationships with clients.

They also provide valuable advice on how to stand out in a competitive marketplace and consistently find work.

Additionally, Freelance Writing Jobs Nigeria offers a specialized platform for Nigerian writers to find freelance writing gigs.

By registering and creating a compelling profile, writers can attract potential clients.

The platform provides a wide range of gig options, and success stories from Nigerian writers offer useful insights and advice.

Utilizing platforms like Freelance Writing Jobs Nigeria can significantly boost a writer’s chances of finding lucrative freelance opportunities.


We have highlighted the top Nigerian websites for finding freelance writing gigs.

These platforms, such as Freelancer Nigeria, Upwork Nigeria, and ProWriterstime, offer numerous opportunities for Nigerian freelancers to showcase their skills and earn income.

Aspiring Nigerian freelancers should seize the chance to explore these platforms and take advantage of the growing demand for freelance writers in the country.

By creating compelling profiles, showcasing their portfolios, and actively bidding on projects, they can establish themselves as reliable and talented writers.

The growth and potential of freelance writing in Nigeria are immense.

With more businesses recognizing the value of content marketing, the need for skilled writers will continue to rise.

Freelancers can tap into this demand, building successful careers and contributing to the country’s economy.

It is important for aspiring freelancers to stay motivated and persistent, even during challenging times.

By enhancing their skills, staying updated with industry trends, and networking within relevant communities, Nigerian freelance writers can thrive in this evolving market.

Lastly, Nigerian freelance writers have a vast array of platforms at their disposal to find writing gigs.

By leveraging these websites, aspiring freelancers can build successful careers and contribute to the growing gig economy in Nigeria.

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