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Payment Platforms: Receiving Your Freelance Earnings Easily

Last Updated on November 8, 2023


Payment platforms play a crucial role in the lives of freelancers in Nigeria. As independent workers, freelancers rely on receiving their earnings easily and securely.

Without proper payment platforms, freelancers may face delays, complications, or even loss of their hard-earned money.

The objective of this blog post is to provide freelancers in Nigeria with a comprehensive understanding of different payment platforms available to them.

By discussing these platforms, we aim to offer freelancers the opportunity to choose the most suitable option for receiving their earnings effortlessly.

Overview of Popular Payment Platforms

Freelancers in Nigeria often rely on various payment platforms to receive their earnings easily.

Here, we will briefly introduce some of the popular payment platforms used by freelancers in Nigeria, including Payoneer, PayPal, TransferWise, and Flutterwave. Each platform has its own unique features and benefits.


  1. Payoneer is a widely used payment platform in the freelance community.

  2. It enables freelancers to receive payments from clients worldwide, including Nigeria.

  3. Payoneer offers easy-to-use interfaces and provides multiple withdrawal options.

  4. Freelancers can link their Payoneer account to their local bank account for convenient withdrawals.


  1. PayPal is a well-known and widely accepted global payment platform.

  2. Freelancers can create a PayPal account and link it to their bank account or debit card.

  3. It offers a secure and seamless way to receive payments from clients around the world.

  4. PayPal also provides a buyer and seller protection program, ensuring safer transactions.


  1. TransferWise is gaining popularity among freelancers due to its low fees and transparent exchange rates.

  2. With TransferWise, freelancers can receive payments directly into their local bank accounts.

  3. It supports multiple currencies and offers competitive rates for currency conversion.

  4. TransferWise provides real-time notifications and allows easy tracking of transactions.


  1. Flutterwave is a Nigerian payment platform that facilitates seamless transactions.

  2. Freelancers can receive payments from clients within Nigeria or internationally.

  3. It offers various payment options including card payments, bank transfers, and mobile wallets.

  4. Flutterwave provides a simple integration process for freelancers to receive payments on their websites.

In essence, freelancers in Nigeria have several popular payment platforms at their disposal to receive their earnings easily.

Payoneer, PayPal, TransferWise, and Flutterwave are some of the commonly used platforms that offer a range of features and benefits.

It is important for freelancers to consider their specific needs, such as withdrawal options, security, fees, and currency support, when choosing a payment platform.

By selecting the most suitable platform, freelancers can efficiently manage their freelance earnings and focus on their work without any hassles.

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Creating a Payoneer Account for Receiving Freelance Earnings

  1. Go to the Payoneer website and click on the “Sign Up” button.

  2. Fill out the required personal and contact information in the registration form.

  3. Provide details about your freelance business, such as the industry and your average monthly earnings.

  4. Submit the application and wait for Payoneer to review and approve your account.

  5. Once approved, you will receive an email notification with further instructions to set up your account.

Advantages of Using Payoneer

  1. Low Fees: Payoneer offers competitive exchange rates and charges lower fees compared to other payment platforms.

  2. Easy Transfer Options: Transferring funds from your Payoneer account to your bank account is quick and hassle-free.

  3. Global Reach: Payoneer supports payments in over 200 countries and 150 different currencies.

  4. Convenient Access: Payoneer provides a prepaid Mastercard, allowing you to easily access your funds.

  5. Multiple Withdrawal Methods: You can withdraw your earnings through local bank transfers, ATMs, or use the Payoneer Mastercard.

How to Link Payoneer to Freelance Marketplaces

Linking your Payoneer account to freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr is a simple process:

  1. Log in to your freelance marketplace account and go to the “Payment Methods” or “Payout” section.

  2. Select Payoneer as your preferred payment method and click on the “Connect” or “Link” button.

  3. You will be redirected to Payoneer’s website to authorize the connection.

  4. Log in to your Payoneer account and grant permission for the marketplace to access your funds.

  5. Confirm the connection on the freelance marketplace, and you’re all set to receive payments directly to your Payoneer account.

Using Payoneer as your preferred payment platform for receiving freelance earnings has numerous benefits.

With its user-friendly interface and global reach, it is an ideal choice for freelancers worldwide.

By following the steps to create a Payoneer account, you can set up a secure and efficient system to receive your hard-earned money.

The advantages of low fees and easy transfer options make Payoneer a cost-effective solution for managing your freelance earnings.

Linking Payoneer to freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr further enhances your payment process, ensuring seamless and timely transactions.

Say goodbye to complicated payout methods and hello to a simplified freelance earnings management system.

Embrace the convenience and reliability offered by Payoneer, and focus more on your freelance work knowing that your earnings will be received easily and securely.

Take advantage of this powerful payment platform and elevate your freelance experience today!

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Creating a PayPal account for receiving freelance earnings

Creating a PayPal account for receiving freelance earnings is a simple process.

  1. You start by visiting the PayPal website and clicking on the “Sign Up” button.

  2. Next, choose the account type, either personal or business, and fill in the required information.

  3. You will need to provide your email address, create a password, and then confirm your email.

  4. After that, you’ll be asked to fill in some personal details, such as your name, address, and phone number.

  5. Once you’ve completed the form, review the terms and conditions, and click on the “Agree and Create Account” button.

  6. A confirmation email will be sent to the provided email address, and you can then proceed to set up your payment methods.

Benefits of using PayPal, such as its wide acceptance and user-friendly interface

Using PayPal for receiving freelance earnings comes with numerous benefits.

  1. One of the major advantages is its wide acceptance worldwide. PayPal is a widely recognized and trusted platform that allows you to receive payments from clients all over the globe.

  2. Furthermore, PayPal offers a user-friendly interface that makes managing your funds and transactions a breeze.

  3. You can easily track your earnings, view transaction histories, and withdraw your money with just a few clicks.

  4. Additionally, PayPal offers seller protection, ensuring that you can confidently provide your services without worrying about payment disputes.

Potential limitations of PayPal in Nigeria and how to work around them

However, PayPal does have some potential limitations when used in Nigeria.

  1. One of the major challenges is the restriction on receiving payments.

  2. Nigerian PayPal accounts can only receive funds, and cannot send or withdraw money directly to local bank accounts.

  3. To work around this limitation, freelancers in Nigeria often resort to using a PayPal account registered in another country.

  4. Another limitation is the high transaction fees charged by PayPal for currency conversion and receiving international payments.

  5. These fees can eat into your freelance earnings, so it’s important to factor them into your pricing and financial planning.

In fact, creating a PayPal account for receiving freelance earnings is a straightforward process.

You can enjoy the benefits of its wide acceptance and user-friendly interface.

However, Nigerians may face limitations such as the inability to send or withdraw money directly to local bank accounts.

Fortunately, working around these limitations is possible by using a PayPal account registered in another country.

Just keep in mind the potential high transaction fees charged by PayPal for currency conversion and receiving international payments.

By understanding these factors and incorporating them into your freelance business strategy, you can easily receive your earnings through PayPal.

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Payment Platforms: Receiving Your Freelance Earnings Easily


TransferWise as a platform for receiving freelance earnings

The TransferWise is a popular payment platform for freelancers to receive their earnings easily.

It offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice among many freelancers.

Advantages of TransferWise, such as competitive exchange rates and multi-currency accounts

One of the key advantages of using TransferWise is its competitive exchange rates.

Freelancers often work with clients from different countries, and transferring money between currencies can be expensive.

TransferWise offers rates that are close to the real exchange rate, making it more cost-effective for freelancers to receive their earnings.

Another advantage of TransferWise is the ability to have multi-currency accounts.

Freelancers can receive payments in various currencies and hold them in different accounts within TransferWise.

This flexibility allows them to easily manage their earnings and avoid the hassle of converting currencies every time they receive a payment.

Setting up a TransferWise Borderless account and receiving payments through it

Setting up a TransferWise Borderless account is a straightforward process.

Freelancers need to provide some basic information and verify their identity. Once the account is set up, they can start receiving payments in different currencies.

TransferWise provides local bank details for various countries, making it easy for freelancers to receive payments as if they had a local bank account.

To receive payments through TransferWise, freelancers simply need to provide their clients with their TransferWise account details.

This includes their account number and any relevant information for international transfers.

The client can then initiate the payment directly to the freelancer’s TransferWise account.

Once the payment is received, freelancers have the option to hold the funds in their TransferWise account or transfer them to their local bank account.

If they choose to transfer the funds, TransferWise offers competitive exchange rates again, making the process more cost-effective.

In addition to receiving payments, TransferWise also allows freelancers to send money internationally.

This is useful for freelancers who need to pay contractors or suppliers in different countries.

TransferWise offers competitive fees for international transfers, making it a convenient platform for freelancers to manage all their payment needs.

Overall, TransferWise provides an easy and efficient way for freelancers to receive their earnings.

Its competitive exchange rates, multi-currency accounts, and straightforward setup process make it a preferred choice in the freelance community.

By using TransferWise, freelancers can avoid costly currency conversions and manage their international payments with ease.

In short, TransferWise is a reliable payment platform that offers several advantages for freelancers.

Its competitive exchange rates, multi-currency accounts, and simple setup process make it a popular choice among freelancers.

By using TransferWise, freelancers can easily receive payments from clients worldwide and manage their earnings efficiently.

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How Flutterwave works as a payment platform for freelancers in Nigeria

Flutterwave offers a convenient payment platform for freelancers in Nigeria.

The platform allows freelancers to receive payments from clients both locally and internationally.

Features and benefits of using Flutterwave, like low transaction fees and seamless integration with local banks

  1. One of the key features of Flutterwave is its low transaction fees, which makes it a cost-effective option for freelancers.

  2. Flutterwave also offers seamless integration with local banks, making it easy for freelancers to transfer their earnings to their bank accounts.

  3. With Flutterwave, freelancers can receive payments in various currencies, including the Nigerian Naira and major international currencies.

Steps involved in receiving freelance earnings through Flutterwave

To receive freelance earnings through Flutterwave, freelancers need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Create an account on the Flutterwave platform by providing the necessary personal and business information.

  2. Connect Flutterwave to your bank account by providing the required bank details.

  3. Generate a Flutterwave payment link or integrate the Flutterwave payment gateway into your website or app.

  4. Share the payment link or offer your clients the option to pay through the integrated payment gateway.

  5. Clients can make payments using their preferred payment method, including debit/credit cards, bank transfers, or mobile wallets.

  6. Once the payment is made, Flutterwave processes it and transfers the funds to your connected bank account.

  7. You can then withdraw the funds from your Flutterwave account to your bank account.

Additional Benefits of using Flutterwave

Using Flutterwave as a payment platform for your freelance earnings offers several benefits:

  1. Low transaction fees: Flutterwave charges competitive transaction fees, allowing you to maximize your earnings.

  2. Multiple currency support: You can receive payments in different currencies, making it convenient for international clients.

  3. Integration with local banks: Flutterwave seamlessly integrates with Nigerian banks, ensuring smooth transfer of funds.

  4. Secure and reliable: Flutterwave provides a secure platform for payment processing, protecting your financial information.

  5. Easy access to funds: With Flutterwave, you can quickly withdraw funds to your bank account and access your earnings.

Choosing the right payment platform

Factors to consider when choosing a payment platform for receiving freelance earnings

When it comes to receiving freelance earnings, choosing the right payment platform is crucial. Here are some factors to consider when making a decision:

  1. Fees: Look for a platform that offers competitive fees. You don’t want excessive charges eating into your hard-earned money.

  2. Ease of use: Opt for a payment platform that is user-friendly and intuitive. You want a seamless experience when managing your earnings.

  3. Currency conversion rates: If you work with clients from different countries, consider a platform that offers favorable currency conversion rates.

  4. Withdrawal options: Ensure the payment platform provides various withdrawal options that suit your preferences and needs.

Importance of researching and comparing different platforms before making a decision

Moreover, it is important to research and compare different platforms before making a final decision.

Do not rush into selecting the first option you come across. Take your time to analyze and evaluate each platform’s features and benefits.

Asking fellow freelancers for recommendations and reading reviews to make an informed choice

Reading reviews from other freelancers can be incredibly helpful in gaining insight into their experiences with different payment platforms.

Additionally, consider asking fellow freelancers for recommendations based on their own satisfaction and reliability.

By conducting thorough research and comparing different payment platforms, you can make an informed choice that best suits your freelance needs and preferences.


Using a reliable and convenient payment platform is crucial for receiving freelance earnings easily.

We discussed the main points of using payment platforms for freelancers, including the benefits and features they offer.

It is important to reiterate the significance of choosing a trustworthy payment platform to ensure timely and secure payments.

We encourage readers to explore the mentioned payment platforms, such as PayPal, Stripe, and Payoneer, and select the one that aligns with their specific needs.

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