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Understanding’s Dashboard After Successful Login

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When it comes to navigating, understanding the dashboard after a successful login is crucial.

Explanation of is a popular online platform that connects freelancers with potential clients.

It offers a variety of services, ranging from writing and design to programming and virtual assistance.

Importance of understanding the dashboard after login

Understanding the dashboard is essential for freelancers as it provides a centralized hub for managing their workflow, finances, and communication.

Once logged in, freelancers gain access to a user-friendly interface that allows them to monitor their ongoing projects, track payments, and communicate with clients.

The dashboard displays key information such as project deadlines, client feedback, and financial transactions, enabling freelancers to stay organized and prioritize their tasks effectively.

Additionally, freelancers can use the dashboard to update their portfolio, showcase their skills, and apply for new projects.

It serves as a one-stop-shop for freelancers to showcase their expertise and attract potential clients.

Furthermore, the dashboard offers valuable insights into a freelancer’s performance, allowing them to assess their strengths and areas for improvement.

By regularly reviewing the dashboard, freelancers can stay informed about their earnings, project progress, and client satisfaction, enabling them to make data-driven decisions for their future career growth.

Understanding and utilizing the dashboard on is vital for freelancers looking to maximize their success on the platform.

With its array of features and functionalities, the dashboard serves as a powerful tool for managing projects, communicating with clients, and tracking financials.

So, take the time to explore and familiarize yourself with’s dashboard for a seamless freelancing experience.

Overview of’s Dashboard is a popular freelancing platform that connects clients with skilled professionals worldwide.

When you log in to your account, you are greeted with an intuitive dashboard that provides easy access to various features and information.

Description of the main components of the dashboard

  1. Profile summary: This section showcases your profile picture, rating, and relevant statistics such as completed projects, earnings, and client reviews.

  2. Project feed: The project feed displays a list of available projects based on your skills and preferences, allowing you to browse and apply for relevant opportunities.

  3. Notifications: This component notifies you of any important updates or messages regarding your projects or profile.

  4. Inbox: The inbox section serves as a centralized communication hub where you can interact with clients, discuss project details, and negotiate terms.

  5. Earnings: Here, you can track your earnings and view payment details, including pending and completed transactions.

  6. My projects: This feature provides an overview of all the projects you are currently working on, including their status and deadlines.

  7. My contests: If you participate in design or creative contests, this section displays information about ongoing and completed contests.

  8. My bids: The “My bids” component showcases the projects for which you have submitted proposals, helping you track your bid activity.

The dashboard is designed for easy navigation and quick access to the most essential features.

Whether you want to search for new projects, manage ongoing assignments, or stay updated on your account’s activity, the dashboard has got you covered.

By regularly checking the dashboard, you can effectively monitor and maintain your freelance career on the platform.

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Profile Summary

The profile summary section

  1. The Profile Summary section in’s dashboard provides important information about the user.

  2. The profile summary section is a brief overview of the user’s profile and achievements.

  3. It displays a profile picture which helps in personalizing the experience.

  4. The username is prominently displayed, allowing easy identification and communication with other users.

  5. The account status indicates whether the user’s account is verified, premium, or has any special features.

  6. The reputation score showcases the user’s credibility and trustworthiness based on previous projects and feedback.

  7. The completion rate represents the percentage of projects the user has successfully completed.

  8. The availability status shows whether the user is currently available for new projects or not.

Displayed information

The Profile Summary section serves as a snapshot of the user’s professional identity on

It is the first thing other users see when they interact with the profile. Consequently, it is crucial to have an accurate and appealing profile summary.

Profile picture

The profile picture, a key element of the profile, enhances the user’s visibility and professionalism.

A high-quality and professional photo can create a positive impression on potential clients and encourage them to hire the user for their projects.


The username is displayed prominently to ensure easy recognition and communication.

It helps in building a personal brand and allows other users to quickly identify and contact the user for collaboration or inquiries.

Account status (verified, premium, etc.)

The account status information is a vital aspect of the profile summary.

Users with verified accounts are perceived as more trustworthy and reliable.

Premium account holders enjoy additional benefits and access to special features, which can give them a competitive edge in the freelancing marketplace.

Reputation score

The reputation score is an important metric that showcases the user’s past performance.

A higher reputation score indicates a successful track record and increases the chances of being hired for new projects.

Clients often rely on reputation scores when making decisions about hiring freelancers.

Completion rate

The completion rate indicates the user’s commitment to delivering projects on time and meeting the client’s expectations.

A high completion rate indicates reliability and professionalism, which is crucial for attracting new clients.

Availability status

The availability status is another relevant piece of information displayed in the profile summary.

It informs potential clients whether the user is currently accepting new projects or not.

If a user is available, it increases the likelihood of receiving job offers and expanding their freelancing business.

The Profile Summary section in’s dashboard provides essential information about the user’s profile, reputation, and availability.

It allows clients to make informed decisions when hiring freelancers and helps freelancers showcase their professional identity.

Maintaining an updated and compelling profile summary is crucial for success in the freelancing marketplace.

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Project Feed

The project feed section in’s dashboard provides users with a comprehensive overview of the available projects that match their skills and preferences.

Displayed information

  1. Projects matching skills: This section displays a list of projects that align with the user’s specified skills and expertise.

    It allows freelancers to easily find relevant projects that they can apply to.

  2. Projects from followed employers: Users have the option to follow specific employers who consistently provide interesting projects.

    This section displays projects exclusively from those followed employers, giving users access to projects they might be interested in.

  3. Trending projects:’s platform allows users to stay updated on the current trends in the job market.

    The trending projects section showcases popular projects that are in high demand, helping users identify potentially lucrative opportunities.

  4. Recommended projects: Based on a user’s previous project history, skills, and preferences,’s algorithm suggests recommended projects.

    This section can significantly streamline the project search process and help users discover new and relevant opportunities.

Benefits of the project feed

  1. Time-saving: The project feed provides freelancers with a consolidated view of available projects, eliminating the need to search manually.

    Users can efficiently browse through relevant projects and save time.

  2. Increased chances of getting hired: By displaying projects matching the user’s skills, the project feed enhances their chances of being hired.

    Users can focus on projects that align with their expertise and submit tailored proposals, maximizing their chances of success.

  3. Discover new opportunities: The project feed helps users discover projects from followed employers, trending projects, and recommended projects.

    This exposure to a wide range of opportunities opens up new possibilities for freelancers and enables them to diversify their client base.

  4. Customized recommendations:’s recommendation engine analyzes a user’s preferences, project history, and skillset to suggest relevant projects.

    This personalized approach helps freelancers find projects that align with their interests and objectives.

  5. Market insights: The trending projects section provides insights into the current demands and trends in the freelance job market.

    Being aware of the popular projects can help freelancers stay ahead of the competition and position themselves strategically to attract clients.

  6. Increased engagement: The project feed encourages users to actively participate on the platform by regularly checking for new project updates.

    This engagement increases their visibility and improves their chances of landing desirable projects.’s project feed is a valuable tool for freelancers, offering them a convenient and efficient way to search for and discover projects that match their skills and preferences.

By providing personalized recommendations and market insights, this feature enhances user experience and maximizes their chances of success in the freelancing world.

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Understanding's Dashboard After Successful Login


After successfully logging in to, the dashboard provides a range of useful features and tools to freelance professionals.

One of these important features is the notifications section.

Description of the notifications section

The notifications section in the dashboard serves as a centralized hub for all important updates and messages.

It keeps freelancers informed about various activities and events related to their projects and interactions with clients.

Types of notifications

Here are the types of notifications you can expect to find in this section:

  1. Project updates:Clients send freelancers project updates, which may involve new requirements, additional tasks, or changes to the project timeline.

  2. Project invitations: Clients notify freelancers of project invitations. Freelancers decide to accept or decline based on availability and interest.

  3. Messages from employers: Employers notify freelancers of project messages or queries, enabling them to respond promptly and maintain effective communication.

  4. Milestone reminders:Freelancers get notifications upon reaching project milestones, enabling them to track progress and meet deadlines effectively.

  5. Payment notifications: Clients make payments, notifying freelancers. This promotes transparency, letting freelancers track finances and manage earnings efficiently.

Having a dedicated notifications section within the dashboard simplifies the organization and management of key project-related information for freelancers.

It allows them to stay updated and respond promptly to client requests and project updates.

A well-functioning notifications system is crucial for freelancers to maintain a professional and efficient workflow.

It helps freelancers prioritize their actions, stay on top of project updates, and ensure smooth communication with clients.

By leveraging the notifications section effectively, freelancers can enhance their overall productivity and deliver high-quality work to clients

It serves as a valuable tool for streamlining project management and ensuring timely completion of tasks.

The notifications section in’s dashboard plays a vital role in keeping freelancers informed about important project updates, invitations, messages from employers, milestone reminders, and payment notifications.

This feature enhances communication, helps to maintain project transparency, and supports freelancers in managing their workload efficiently.

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After logging in to, the dashboard provides a variety of sections and features for freelancers.

One of the key sections is the Inbox, which plays a crucial role in communication with employers and managing messages.

Explanation of the inbox section

The inbox section on is a centralized platform for all the communication activities.

It allows freelancers to stay updated on conversations, messages, and tasks related to their projects.

The inbox organizes messages in a chronological order, making it easy to navigate and access.

Functionality of the inboxCommunication with employers

The inbox facilitates seamless interaction between freelancers and employers.

Freelancers can easily send and receive messages to discuss project details and requirements.

It serves as a professional platform for asking questions, seeking clarifications, and providing updates.

Sending and receiving messagesFreelancers can compose new messages and send them directly from the inbox.

Replying to messages from employers is as simple as clicking on the respective conversation.

Received messages appear instantly in the inbox, ensuring prompt responsiveness.

Managing conversations and attachments

The inbox allows freelancers to manage and organize their conversations efficiently.

All the messages from a particular employer are grouped under a single conversation.

Attachments, such as project files or documents, can be easily shared and accessed within the inbox.

Overall, the inbox section on plays a vital role in maintaining effective communication between freelancers and employers.

It provides a user-friendly interface for sending, receiving, and managing messages.

The inbox ensures that freelancers can promptly attend to communication-related activities and stay updated on project discussions and requirements.

With its intuitive features and functionalities, the inbox enhances the overall freelancing experience on


The earnings section on’s dashboard provides freelancers with essential information about their income and payment options.

It is a crucial tool for tracking and managing their earnings efficiently.

Overview of the earnings section

Upon logging into, freelancers can access the earnings section on their dashboard.

It serves as a comprehensive hub that presents detailed information about their income, milestones, and withdrawal options.

Tracking earnings on

In the earnings section, freelancers have access to various features that help them track their earnings.

This ensures transparency and allows freelancers to stay informed about their financial progress on the platform.

Displayed income displays a freelancer’s total income prominently in the earnings section.

This figure represents the cumulative amount they have earned from completed projects.

Withdrawal options

Freelancers can find several withdrawal options in the earnings section, enabling them to transfer their earned money to their preferred payment methods.

These options include bank transfers, PayPal, Skrill, and’s native payment service, Milestone Payments.

Earning milestones and payments provides freelancers with the ability to set earning milestones for their projects.

These milestones act as progress markers and help break down a project into smaller, achievable goals.

Once a milestone is met, the client can release the agreed-upon payment, ensuring fair compensation for the freelancer’s work.

Additionally, facilitates secure and reliable payments between freelancers and clients through its Milestone Payments system.

This system ensures that funds are held securely until both parties are satisfied with the project’s completion.

The earnings section on’s dashboard is a valuable resource for freelancers to track and manage their income effectively.

With features like displayed income, withdrawal options, and earning milestones, freelancers can easily monitor their financial progress and receive fair compensation for their hard work.

My Projects

In this blog section , we will explore the various features and functionalities of’s dashboard.

Specifically, we will focus on the “My Projects” section and how it helps freelancers effectively manage their active projects.

The “My Projects” section in’s dashboard is a centralized hub where freelancers can find all the relevant information and tools related to their ongoing projects.

It serves as a control center for freelancers to stay organized and on top of their work. Let’s delve into the details of this section:

Description of the My Projects Section

  1. Upon logging in, the My Projects section displays a comprehensive list of all projects assigned to the freelancer.

  2. Each project is accompanied by essential details such as project title, employer’s name, project status, deadline, and project budget.

  3. Freelancers can easily sort and filter projects based on various criteria such as project status, priority, or payment milestones.

Managing Active Projects

Freelancers have complete control over their active projects through the intuitive dashboard. They can efficiently handle the following tasks:

  1. Tracking Project Progress: Freelancers can closely monitor the progress of their active projects using the project tracking feature.

    It provides real-time updates on deadlines, milestones, and overall completion percentage.

  2. Uploading Project Files: The dashboard allows freelancers to upload project-related files securely.

    This ensures seamless collaboration between freelancers and employers.

  3. Communicating with Employers and Freelancers: The dashboard provides a convenient messaging system that enables smooth communication between freelancers and employers.

    They can exchange messages, clarify project requirements, and seek clarifications effortlessly.’s dashboard is designed to streamline project management for freelancers, empowering them to deliver high-quality work efficiently.

With its user-friendly interface, freelancers can focus on their tasks without getting overwhelmed by administrative complexities.

In conclusion,’s dashboard, especially the “My Projects” section, offers freelancers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage their active projects.

From tracking progress to effective communication, freelancers can leverage these features to maximize their productivity and success.

With, freelancers can take full control of their freelancing career.

My Contests

The My Contests section

After successfully logging into, you will be directed to your Dashboard.

One of the important sections you will find here is “My Contests”.

This section provides you with an overview of your ongoing and completed contests, allowing you to easily manage and track your participation in design contests.

Participation in design contests

Participating in design contests is a popular way for freelancers to showcase their skills and win lucrative projects.

Within the My Contests section, you will find all the contests you have entered or are currently participating in.

This provides you with easy access to track their progress and stay informed about any updates.

Managing entries

As you participate in various design contests, you may have multiple entries for different projects.

Managing your entries becomes crucial to keep track of your designs and ensure you submit the correct files and variations.

The My Contests section provides a dedicated space for you to organize and manage all your entries efficiently.

Interacting with contest holders

Moreover, the section facilitates direct interaction with contest holders.

Communication with contest holders is vital to clarify any project requirements, ask questions, or seek feedback.

The My Contests section allows you to easily communicate with contest holders through chat or direct messages, promoting effective collaboration and understanding.

Winning and claiming prize

The ultimate goal of participating in design contests is to win and claim prizes.

When you win a contest, it is essential to follow the necessary steps to claim your well-deserved prize.

The My Contests section guides you through this process, providing instructions and ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.

To claim your prize, you will usually need to submit the required files and formats as specified by the contest holder.

The My Contests section streamlines this process, allowing you to easily upload the requested files and ensure prompt delivery to the contest holder.

In addition to managing your ongoing and completed contests, the My Contests section also serves as a valuable source of inspiration.

By browsing through your previous entries and wins, you can showcase your portfolio of successful designs and gain credibility as a talented freelancer.

The “My Contests” section of’s Dashboard is a crucial feature for freelancers participating in design contests.

From managing entries and interacting with contest holders to claiming prizes, this section provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for successful participation and engagement.

My Bids

After successfully logging into your account, you will be greeted with a user-friendly dashboard that provides easy navigation and access to various sections.

One important section you will find in your dashboard is “My Bids.”

In this section, we will delve into the details of this section and understand its functionalities.

Overview of the My Bids section

The My Bids section serves as a central hub for all your bidding activities on the platform.

It offers an overview of the projects you have placed bids on, helping you keep track of your progress and manage your bidding strategy effectively.

Tracking bidding activity

One of the primary purposes of the My Bids section is to allow freelancers to track their bidding activities.

By visiting this section, you can quickly see the list of projects you have bid on and identify the ones that are still active.

This clarity helps you prioritize your efforts and focus on projects that have a higher chance of conversion.

Submitted proposals

Within the My Bids section, you will find the details of the proposals you have submitted for each project.

This feature is particularly helpful when you are dealing with multiple bids simultaneously.

It enables you to review the content of your proposals without having to navigate to each project page individually.

Bid status updates

Furthermore, the Bid status updates feature keeps you informed about any changes to the status of your bids.

Whether a bid has been accepted, rejected, or is still pending, you will receive real-time updates in the My Bids section.

This eliminates the need for manual checking and allows you to act promptly based on the status of your bids.

Communication with employers

Effective communication with potential employers is crucial for successful freelancing. understands this and provides a messaging system within the My Bids section.

Through this system, you can conveniently communicate with employers to discuss project requirements, negotiate terms, and seek clarifications.

Having all communication within the platform ensures transparency and a streamlined workflow.

The My Bids section of’s dashboard offers comprehensive tools and features to enhance your bidding experience.

It allows you to efficiently keep track of your bidding activities, review submitted proposals, stay updated on bid status changes, and communicate seamlessly with potential employers.

By utilizing this section effectively, you can improve your chances of securing projects and achieving freelancing success.


Understanding’s dashboard after login is crucial for freelancers to succeed in their careers.

Efficiently navigating the dashboard offers numerous benefits such as increased productivity, access to valuable information, and better communication with clients.

Freelancers are encouraged to explore and utilize the features available in the dashboard to maximize their earning potential and improve their overall freelance experience.

By familiarizing themselves with the dashboard, freelancers can streamline their workflow, manage their projects effectively, and make the most out of the opportunities that provides.

So, take the time to comprehend the dashboard and unlock its full potential for a thriving freelance career.

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