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Top 5 Platforms for Nigerian Freelance Copywriters to Earn

Last Updated on November 8, 2023


Nigerian freelance copywriters have ample opportunities to earn income through various platforms.

These platforms allow them to showcase their skills and connect with clients seeking their services.


Upwork is a popular global freelancing platform that offers numerous projects for Nigerian copywriters to earn a steady income.


Freelancer provides a platform for Nigerian copywriters to bid on projects and connect with clients looking for their expertise.


Fiverr allows Nigerian copywriters to create gigs and offer their services at various price points, attracting clients from around the world.


Guru offers Nigerian copywriters a platform to create a profile, showcase their portfolio, and connect directly with clients.


Toptal focuses on high-quality talent, allowing Nigerian copywriters to join an exclusive network and work with top clients on high-paying projects.

These platforms provide Nigerian freelance copywriters with a range of opportunities to earn income based on their skills, expertise, and availability.

As the demand for quality copywriting increases, Nigerian freelance copywriters can capitalize on various platforms to showcase their talents, connect with clients, and earn a sustainable income.

By leveraging these platforms strategically, Nigerian copywriters can establish themselves as valuable professionals in the industry.


Upwork is a popular global freelancing platform that connects businesses with freelancers in various industries.

The benefits of using Upwork for Nigerian freelance copywriters

For Nigerian freelance copywriters, Upwork provides numerous benefits that make it an ideal platform to earn a steady income.

Key features, such as a wide range of job categories, payment protection, and ability to build a professional profile

Firstly, Upwork offers a wide range of job categories, allowing copywriters to find projects that match their skills and interests.

Whether it’s blog writing, website content creation, or social media copywriting, there are plenty of opportunities available.

Another advantage of using Upwork is its payment protection system.

Freelancers are guaranteed to receive their payment for completed work, as Upwork acts as an intermediary between clients and freelancers.

This ensures that Nigerian copywriters can work confidently without worrying about payment issues or scams.

Moreover, Upwork allows copywriters to build a professional profile.

This profile serves as an online resume, highlighting their skills, experience, and past projects.

It gives Nigerian copywriters the opportunity to showcase their expertise and attract potential clients.

Success stories of Nigerian copywriters on Upwork.

Many Nigerian copywriters have found success on Upwork.

They have managed to secure high-paying clients and build long-term working relationships.

By delivering quality work and receiving positive feedback, these copywriters have established themselves as reputable professionals in the freelancing industry.

One success story is that of Adeola, a Nigerian freelance copywriter who joined Upwork and quickly found success.

Within a few months, she had secured several clients and was earning a steady income.

Adeola credits Upwork for providing her with the exposure and opportunities she needed to grow her freelance business.

Another Nigerian copywriter, Chinedu, also found success on Upwork.

He specialized in copywriting for the technology industry and was able to land high-paying projects for well-established companies.

Chinedu believes that Upwork played a crucial role in advancing his career and expanding his network of clients.

Upwork is an excellent platform for Nigerian freelance copywriters to earn a living.

Its wide range of job categories, payment protection system, and ability to create a professional profile make it an attractive choice.

The success stories of Nigerian copywriters on Upwork further demonstrate the platform’s potential for fostering career growth and financial stability.

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Fiverr is a platform known for its gig-based freelance services.

Nigerian freelance copywriters can leverage this platform to showcase their skills and attract clients.

How Nigerian freelance copywriters can create specialized gigs to attract clients

To create specialized gigs on Fiverr, there are a few key steps Nigerian copywriters can take.

Firstly, it’s important to identify their niche and clearly define the services they offer.

This helps in targeting the right audience and standing out amidst the competition.

Once the niche is established, copywriters can create captivating gig titles and descriptions that highlight their expertise and unique selling points.

They should focus on providing a clear value proposition to potential clients and showcase how their services can meet their specific needs.

The advantages of using Fiverr, such as a large customer base, easy setup process, and potential for higher earnings through add-ons

Using Fiverr offers several advantages for Nigerian freelance copywriters.

Firstly, it provides access to a large customer base from across the globe.

Fiverr is widely recognized and trusted by clients, increasing the chances of getting hired.

The platform also offers an easy setup process, allowing copywriters to start selling their services quickly.

Furthermore, Fiverr provides the option to offer add-ons or extras with gigs, which increases earning potential.

Copywriters can offer additional services like fast delivery, revisions, or premium packages for an extra fee, allowing them to earn more from each project.

Examples of Nigerian copywriters who have found success on Fiverr

Several Nigerian copywriters have found remarkable success on Fiverr, and their stories serve as inspiration.

One such success story is Shola, a freelance copywriter from Lagos.

Shola joined Fiverr and created unique gigs focusing on email copywriting.

With her expertise and strategic marketing, she quickly gained a reputation and received multiple orders from satisfied clients.

Another example is Austin, a freelance copywriter specializing in sales copy.

Austin leveraged Fiverr’s platform and established himself as a top-rated seller.

He set clear expectations, delivered high-quality work, and consistently received positive reviews, leading to increased visibility and more clients.

Fiverr is an excellent platform for Nigerian freelance copywriters to earn a substantial income.

Its gig-based structure allows copywriters to create specialized services, attracting clients from around the world.

The advantages of using Fiverr, such as a large customer base, easy setup process, and potential for higher earnings through add-ons, make it a popular choice among Nigerian copywriters.

The success stories of Nigerian copywriters like Shola and Austin underscore the potential for freelancers to thrive on Fiverr.

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It provides a unique opportunity for Nigerian freelance copywriters to showcase their skills and earn a steady income.

Specific features that make suitable for Nigerian freelance copywriters

One of the key features that makes suitable for Nigerian freelance copywriters is its user-friendly interface.

The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing copywriters to quickly create their profiles and start bidding on projects.

In addition, offers a wide range of categories for copywriters to choose from, including content writing, copywriting, editing, and proofreading.

This ensures that there are plenty of opportunities for copywriters with different skill sets to find work.

The protection measures provided by the platform, such as escrow payments and dispute resolution

Another advantage of is its protection measures.

The platform offers escrow payments, which means that clients deposit funds into an escrow account before the project begins.

This provides assurance to copywriters that they will be paid for their work.

Furthermore, has a dispute resolution system in place.

In case of any disagreements between clients and copywriters, the platform offers a fair and impartial process to resolve the issue.

This ensures that copywriters are protected from any potential payment disputes.

Success stories of Nigerian copywriters who have secured consistent work on has also been the source of success stories for numerous Nigerian copywriters.

Many have secured consistent work through the platform and have been able to build their careers as freelance copywriters.

These success stories serve as an inspiration for other copywriters and highlight the potential for growth and success on

For example, Adeola, a freelance copywriter from Lagos, has been able to secure high-paying clients through

She has built a solid reputation on the platform by delivering quality work on time and exceeding client expectations.

As a result, she has been able to establish long-term working relationships with clients and secure regular projects.

Another success story is Isaac, who started his freelance copywriting career from scratch on

With determination and hard work, he has been able to gradually increase his rates and attract high-profile clients.

Today, he is recognized as one of the top copywriters on the platform and enjoys a consistent flow of projects. is a valuable platform for Nigerian freelance copywriters to earn a steady income.

Its user-friendly interface, diverse range of categories, and protection measures make it an ideal choice for copywriters seeking opportunities.

The success stories of Nigerian copywriters on are a testament to the platform’s effectiveness in connecting local talents with clients and providing a platform for professional growth.

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Top 5 Platforms for Nigerian Freelance Copywriters to Earn

PeoplePerHour: Connecting Nigerian Freelance Copywriters with Global Clients

With the rise of freelance work and the demand for copywriters, platforms like PeoplePerHour have become invaluable for both freelancers and clients.

PeoplePerHour serves as a bridge, connecting Nigerian freelance copywriters with global clients, bringing opportunities to their fingertips.

There are several reasons why Nigerian freelance copywriters should consider using PeoplePerHour:

Global Outreach

PeoplePerHour allows Nigerian copywriters to showcase their skills to clients from all around the world.

It opens up doors for international projects, expanding their client base and providing exposure to a diverse range of industries.

Portfolio Showcase

One of the unique features of PeoplePerHour is the ability to showcase portfolio samples.

Nigerian copywriters can exhibit their best work, allowing potential clients to assess their proficiency and creativity before hiring them.

This feature significantly increases their chances of getting hired.

Project Proposal Options

PeoplePerHour offers various project proposal options, enabling Nigerian copywriters to customize their pitches based on the client’s requirements.

This flexibility allows them to demonstrate their ability to meet specific project needs, increasing the likelihood of securing projects.

Supportive Community

PeoplePerHour provides a supportive community of freelancers where Nigerian copywriters can connect with like-minded professionals, seek advice, and share experiences.

This sense of belonging fosters growth, encourages collaboration, and motivates freelancers to excel at their craft.

Several Nigerian copywriters have excelled on PeoplePerHour.

Here are a few inspiring examples:

Chidi, the SEO Specialist

Chidi, a Nigerian copywriter specializing in SEO, joined PeoplePerHour and quickly gained recognition for his expertise.

Through the platform, he secured projects from international clients, implementing successful SEO strategies and driving organic traffic to their websites.

Ada, the Social Media Guru

Ada, another talented Nigerian copywriter, focused on social media copywriting.

With her strong grasp of branding and communication, she leveraged PeoplePerHour to connect with clients who sought her expertise in crafting impactful social media posts.

Her excellent communication skills and attention to detail skyrocketed her success on the platform.

Emeka, the Sales Copy Connoisseur

Emeka, a Nigerian freelance copywriter specializing in sales copy, found his niche on PeoplePerHour.

His ability to captivate audiences with persuasive writing quickly earned him a reputation for delivering exceptional sales pages and email campaigns, attracting clients from various sectors.

PeoplePerHour serves as a valuable platform for Nigerian freelance copywriters to connect with global clients.

Its global outreach, portfolio showcase feature, project proposal options, and supportive community make it an ideal choice for aspiring Nigerian copywriters.

By utilizing this platform effectively, Nigerian copywriters, like Chidi, Ada, and Emeka, have experienced remarkable success, expanding their reach and building a thriving freelance career.

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The benefits of using for Nigerian freelance copywriters

One of the main advantages is the vast client base, which provides a higher chance of finding consistent work opportunities.

With, Nigerian freelance copywriters have access to a wide variety of project categories.

They can choose from writing, editing, proofreading, and translating projects, among others.

This diverse array of options allows them to showcase their skills in different areas and expand their portfolio.

The variety of project categories available, an extensive client base, and the option to join contests for additional earnings

In addition to the wide range of project categories, also offers the option to participate in contests.

This gives Nigerian copywriters the opportunity to earn additional income by showcasing their abilities and competing against other freelancers.

One of the advantages of is the platform’s user-friendly interface, making it easy for Nigerian freelance copywriters to navigate and find suitable projects.

The website’s search filters allow freelancers to customize their job search based on their skills, availability, and desired payment.

Another benefit of is the ability to work remotely.

Nigerian freelance copywriters can collaborate with clients from all over the world without the need for physical presence.

This flexibility allows them to work at their own pace and manage their time effectively.

Success stories of Nigerian copywriters who have achieved significant milestones on

Success stories of Nigerian copywriters on also highlight the platform’s potential for significant milestones.

Copywriters have shared their journey of starting with small projects and gradually progressing to larger, high-paying projects.

Some have even established long-term professional relationships with clients through the platform. provides a secure platform for Nigerian freelance copywriters to receive payments.

The website offers various payment options, including PayPal, bank transfers, and’s own payment system, ensuring that freelancers receive their hard-earned money conveniently and securely. is an excellent platform for Nigerian freelance copywriters to earn a substantial income.

The platform’s extensive client base, diverse project categories, contest opportunities, user-friendly interface, and secure payment options make it an ideal choice for Nigerian copywriters looking to expand their freelancing career.

Numerous success stories from Nigerian copywriters who have achieved significant milestones on further emphasize the platform’s potential for success.


The top 5 platforms for Nigerian freelance copywriters to earn are Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, and PeoplePerHour.

It is crucial to choose a platform based on individual skills, preferences, and objectives to maximize earning potential.

Nigerian copywriters are encouraged to explore these platforms and take advantage of the opportunities they offer to grow their freelance careers.

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